Joigny 2014

European teachers in Joigny together 2014

One of the most moving aspects of our European project is to bring staff from our schools in Europe to Joigny. It is a privilege to see how inspired and re-invigorated staff are by the experience of being in Sophie’s home, which brings to life the story so manJoigny in setting sun (3)y of them have taught countless times to groups of young people. Hearing Maryvonne Keraly RSCJ speak of Sophie’s original vision and explain the depths of Sacred Heart Spirituality, as well as our prayer together and the visit to the town and the vineyards that Sophie knew so well, all add to a very special time and increased understanding of their mission as Sacred Heart educators. This year there were 24 of us from Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Scotland and England. Two representatives from Spain (Marta and Javier) were particularly gifted at helping us understand eEurope group 2014 (1)ach other’s exchange, which was open and most thoughtful. The community, as always, welcomed us with warmth making us feel completely at home. On Saturday 17 of us stayed on in Paris for a visit to St Francois Xavier, the Rue Babylon and the gardens of the Musee Rodin, kindly led by Isabelle Lagneau RSCJ. Since 2011 over 100 staff have been at sessions organised by members of the Coreteam, including individual network visits.

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